Temple University and local Realtors
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The community in and around Temple can be a part of creating a safer campus for everyone attending the University.

The Petition of certain students of Temple University, as well as their friends and family, draws attention to the Temple University Alliance initiative.

The Petitioners request that Temple University make effort to make off campus living within close proximity to campus a safer option for the student body by recognizing certain safety criteria and awarding the title of Temple University Safety Allie.

Members of the T.U.S.A. provide living arrangements with the following security features.

A. Have a well-lit path to and from the campus or cross through areas with high human traffic.

B. A Camera network that views 30 feet in a half circle around the front door of the property; to which the TUPD has full access to in the case of an investigation.

C. Barred windows which are securely locked. The aim of this initiative is to create a competitive environment among Realtors in the area for safety standards. Those who have a T.U.S.A. award will have preference both in the market as well as Temple's recognition as an organization committed to student safety.

Elaboration and Execution

The criteria listed must have a clear standard so as to insure the T.U.S.A. award is kept at a high standard. The award must be applied for once a semester and the criteria examined once a semester.

Cameras are to be tested for functionality and field view. The window bars must be photographed along with the locking mechanism. The Camera’s will either provide live streaming to the TUPD or a series of photos demonstrating functionality of the cameras. The photos are to be time stamped and should demonstrate the field of view of the camera. Applying for the T.U.S.A. implies that the camera footage is stored on a device capable of being accessed by the TUPD. The first is the preference, whereas the later provides a realistic investment for Realtors to make.

The difficulty comes with trying to define adequate human traffic and luminance of the pathways to and from campus from the residency. As variables such as crime rates, human traffic, and luminance will differ widely from property to property, it should ultimately rest on the TUPD or TU security to discern, through their experience and expertise, which applicants meet the criteria regarding security feature A.

To mitigate the liability that Temple University, TUPD, and TU security take on by awarding a realtor the T.U.S.A., the Realtor will include in the lease a disclaimer stating that:

The T.U.S.A. gives no preference from once student’s safety to another and that the entire student body’s safety is important to Temple University. The T.U.S.A. is merely a guide post for students who are interested in living in areas that are less likely to see crime. The T.U.S.A. does not provide any form of insurance (medical insurance, property insurance, etc.). The T.U.S.A. is not a complete guarantee of safety, and the tenant is still urged to exercise awareness and caution when traveling to and from campus.

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