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The Superstition Mountain Wilderness was designated as such in 1939, and was expanded to its present size in 1984. It now contains approximately 160,200 acres.

Its miles of hiking trails allows visitors to take in views of the majestic mountain features like Weaver's Needle, Miner's Needle, The Flatiron and numerous canyons, creeks and springs. Recently, Congress has enacted their rights to sell off portions of public lands and the surrounding National Forests to private interests for development. The only guarantee we have to protect the Superstition Wilderness from similar fate is to raise it's level of stature to a National Monument.

Currently, the region is supervised by the National Forest Service, but they have little governing authority to protect it from corporate interests and can do little to police the region from a more public threat, careless and destructive elements in society whom have pillaged Native American sites and littered and left their mark with graffiti in certain areas.

By raising the level of the Wilderness to a national Monument, the area could be better maintained, patrolled and protected by the Bureau of Land Management and ensure the Mountains remain a special place for future generations to enjoy.

We the undersigned call upon the President to designate the Superstition Mountain Wilderness as a National Monument have it managed and overseen by the Bureau of Land Management.

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