#Law Reform
The Pennsylvania State Attorney General
United States of America

The Pennsylvania State Attorney General's Office, along with the Bar Association is attempting to shut down A-1 Paralegal Services, Inc., a legal document preparation service, who helps consumers represent themselves in simple legal actions, purely due to politics and financial greed.

No consumer or customer of A-1 has ever claimed or reported to be harmed, has ever filed a complaint against A-1, and the State has not named and can not specifically name any incidences or parties that have been harmed. Yet, they continue to attempt to shut down A-1 under the guise that there are consumers being harmed.

Legal Document Preparers and technicians exist nationwide and it is fact that consumers actually benefit from the choice of using a legal document service rather than an attorney to meet their needs. There is no documented history of any harm to consumers who choose to use a legal document preparation service.

This action is based on the bar association and its members' greed for a monopoly on all legal services.

TELL The Pennsylvania State Attorney General's Office TO CEASE IT'S ACTION AGAINST A-1 Paralegal Services, Inc., fast295divorce.com, a legal document preparation service with an outstanding 13- year community reputation IMMEDIATELY because...

This action against them is unfair, hypocritical and unjust because by not allowing legal document preparers to co-exist and compete with lawyers, the bar associations and its members will continue to have an unfair monopoly on legal services, which such monopoly is proven to harm the consumer, in that it would allow lawfirms to charge higher fees and such higher fees also results in certain consumers to not be able to afford access to the court system.

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