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Citizens'Assemblies bring a representative sample of residents to learn from experts, deliberate together, and make policy recommendations.Lets ensure that NYC residents are at the center of addressing the Climate Emergency!

In 2019, NYC was one of many cities, including Paris, Berlin, and London, to declare a Climate Emergency. Since then, Paris, Berlin, and many other cities and countries around the world have implemented Citizens’ Assemblies to chart solutions to the climate crisis. Paris has even established a permanent 100-member assembly with agenda-setting powers at the municipal level. Why not NYC?

Why a Citizens’ Assembly is more effective than traditional politics?

A Citizens’ Assembly uses a lottery system to bring together a representative sample of a population to deliberate and make policy recommendations. If the Assembly is made up of 500 New Yorkers, they will have the same diversity of culture and experience as the people of our city. Assembly members will be paid fairly for their time and provided childcare. The citizens listen to experts and stakeholders, and with the help of skilled facilitators, engage in conversations and productive debates in an effort to deliver balanced policy recommendations. These recommendations can then be put to a public referendum or sent to elected officials as policy proposals.

Why NYC needs a Citizens’ Assembly

As the climate crisis gets worse, politics as usual becomes more and more inadequate. Citizens’ Assemblies provide key advantages compared to traditional policy-making:

1. Ensure that a demographically representative sample of everyday New Yorkers has a seat at the table
2. Citizens will be aware of and more likely to support, substantial adaptations and sacrifices called for by fellow citizens in their recommendations
3. Reduce the ability of vested interests to unduly influence climate policy

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We call on NYC City Council and the Mayor's Office to establish a Citizens' Assembly on climate and ecological justice in NYC.

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