#Human Rights

Tanzanian people: killing is a bigger crime than stealing!

As a result of the poverty in Tanzania some people have to steal to eat. Stealing is probably not a choice but a survival issue. The problem becomes bigger when a thief gets caught. He gets stoned to death, burned or any other unthinkable torture death!

This absurd outcome happens often in Tanzania. The Tanzanian citizens do this themselves. Tanzanians must stop killing by stoning/burning or any other horrible torture death. Occasionally innocent people have been taken for a thief and also killed the same way.

For anyone, including a tourist, who sees such a horrifying practice this is a traumatizing experience. Many Tanzanian children watch this regularly. How do these children feel in their surroundings after seeing one of these executions?

The laws do not allow people to kill and police always investigate and search for the people who committed the killing but they usually don't find the killers.

Please tell the Tanzanian government to punish the killers and to make sure this never happen again. The police surveillance and investigations must be taken more seriously than has been the case. Nobody should be allowed to kill another by stoning or any other means!

Dear Mr. President Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,

The world is horrified by these executions in your beautiful country.

I the undersigned urge you to immediately take action and make these killings by stoning stop at once and I demand in the name of the Law that the killers get their adequate punishment at once.

The executions by stoning by the Tanzanian civilians are insane because the killers are committing a bigger crime than the thieves themselves. The thieves get illegal punishment and the killers can get away with horrible crime.

This should not be tolerated by humans with a conscience. I hope your conscience Sir does not tolerate this as well and that you will soon change the situation for better.

It is urgent not only for the people in Tanzania but also for tourists, and anyone observing such a disgusting traumatizing practices.


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