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Sir Bernard De Hoghton
United Kingdom

Most visitors to Hoghton Tower, situated between Blackburn and Preston, are totally unaware that thousands of ducks and pheasants are shot and killed on the estate each year for sport.

During the summer months many walkers visit Hoghton Tower to see and feed the ducks on the River Darwen. Yet in September the Hoghton Tower shoot terrify the ducks into the air and blast them from the sky. Each shoot lasts up to seven hours and several hundred ducks are killed in cold blood.

The Hoghton Tower shoot also rear pheasants in outside pens were they are fattened up. After being released onto the estate, they continue to be fed until the day of the shoot when 'beaters' scare them into the sky so they can be used as live targets. For the priviledge of shooting live targets each shooter may pay up to a thousand pound a day.

In 2007 Sir Bernard de Hoghton wrote promising that there would be no more duck shooting on the Hoghton Tower estate. In 2010 duck shooting continues.


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