#Animal Welfare
Prince William and Princess Katherine of Wales

Prince William and Princess Katherine of Wales will be touring North America in July. During their stop in Canada, they have plans to attend the Calgary Stampede, a notorious rodeo where many animals have died for the sake of 'entertainment'.

We feel their visit will condone this brutal spectacle and we ask that they reconsider their decision.

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask Prince William and Princess Katherine of Wales, not to attend the Calgary Stampede during their visit to Canada in July, 2011.

Last year, 6 horses died at the Stampede due to major injuries suffered during ‘saddlebronc’ events, stress, heart failure and heat exhaustion. Human beings also suffered serious injuries during last year’s Calgary Stampede, but they had a choice to participate in this grueling and brutal spectacle; the animals didn’t.

Every year since its inception, animals have died in the Calgary Stampede for the sake of ‘entertainment.’ The Calgary Humane Society opposed this rodeo as did other Animal Protection Organizations. Rodeos exploit and abuse horses, calves and steer with prods, shocks, and whips in order for the show to go on. Rodeos are flagrant displays of animal cruelty and animals perform against their will and have come to fear and dread the sight of human beings because of the treatment they receive in rodeos.

By attending the Calgary Stampede, Prince William and Princess Katherine will be giving credence to an amusement that should now be confined to the dustbin of history along with gladiators and bearbaiting.

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