#National Affairs
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
United States of America

Whereas, Marco Rubio has disappointed his entire conservative voter base with his troubling push of amnesty for illegal aliens in recent immigration reform legislation.

Whereas, Rubio has misled the public about the bill's costly and explosive contents, as he has not even read the bill and won't agree to share it with the public.

Whereas, Rubio has lost my support by endorsing a "free pass" for illegal immigrants -- a policy that is fiscally, culturally, and lawfully irresponsible. Senator, your encouragement of illegal amnesty is against our values, and is evidence that you mislead constituents to believe you'd vote against the very legislation you're selling today if you were to be elected.

We, the undersigned, call upon you, Senator Rubio, to withdraw your support of any level of amnesty for illegal immigrants, or suffer the loss of your 2016 voter base.

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