Attorney's Bruce Fein and George V. Gates IV
United States of America

Danney Lee Williams has many compelling reasons to believe that he is the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton. They include:

- Williams has never met his famous and wealthy father, but the puffy eyes, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, and the big, mischievous smile are unmistakably similar.

- Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, was a working girl when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Williams said she met Clinton in 1984 and had at least thirteen trysts with the governor.

- Bobbie Ann Williams passed a lie detector test.

- A man driving a state car delivered $700 in cash to the Williams shack every month for years, leaving seven crisp $100 bills in an envelope left in the mailbox.

- We have many many photos of Danney at stages in his life where he resembles Bill. Visit ClintonSon.com and see for yourself.

Danney Lee Williams 30, of Hot Springs, Arkansas is the abandoned son of Bill Clinton banished by Hillary. He is the son of Bill Clinton and Bobbie Lee Williams a prostitute who was with Bill on 13 occasions. It is common knowledge in Arkansas elite political circles that he is Bill Clinton's son. Bill sent money every month to support Danney right up until the time he became President. Arkansas State Troopers brought presents to the house where Danney lived as a child. Danney's mother said she is certain Bill is Danney's mother because she had no other "dates" with white men. Danney is bi-racial and thus light complexed.

Over the years Danney has many efforts to meet his famous father. But his many handwritten letters and even his e-mails to the former President's Facebook page were never answered. Danney's Aunt Lucille took him as an infant to the Governor's Mansion to confront Mrs. Clinton- but the door was slammed in her face and the State Police ran them off. It was Hillary who banished Danney and cut him off from his biological father.

In 1999 there was a widely reported DNA test that falsely claimed that Bill Clinton was not Bill's father. We now know that this test, allegedly run by STAR magazine never utilized an actual DNA sample from Bill Clinton but relied instead on a printed report from the Impeachment Report published by special counsel Ken Starr. That DNA report was incomplete and did not contain enough data to prove or disprove paternity. The main stream media, however screamed that Bill was not Danney's father.

Now Danney Williams has called on former president Clinton to submit a verified DNA sample to be tested with Danney's DNA so Danney can know who he is and where he came from. Danney wants to meet his father. Only Hillary Clinton can stand in the way .

Hillary has the power. She can make this happen, she can have Bill provide a DNA sample. If Black Lives truly Matter to Hillary, she has to step up. Hillary must be embarrassed by Danney or ashamed of him, why else she would not accept him in her family.

Hillary is Danney’s step- mother. Chelsea is his sister and Bill is his father. Danney deserves the same love that she has given Chelsea. ALL Danney Williams wants is a DNA test, and to be acknowledged as Bills son. He is not asking for money, or anything other than to know who is father is.


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