Cooperative Light & Power
United States of America

Cooperative Light & Power uses toxic chemical herbicides to kill plants under their power lines.

When they do this, the chemicals they use enter our environment, harming wild life (including the animals that many of us hunt and fish to provide food for our families) & pollinators (that we depend on to pollinate our gardens), contaminating our water, and compromising our health. The herbicide Cooperative Light & Power uses can affect the liver and kidneys, irritate the lungs, damage the developing fetus in animals, and cause a skin allergy.

Please sign this petition asking Cooperative Light & Power to stop using toxic chemical herbicides.

Dear Cooperative Light & Power,

We as a community are asking you to stop your current practice of using synthetic chemical herbicides to clear right-of-way areas under power lines.

This practice contaminates our environment, wildlife (including the animals that many of us hunt and fish to provide food for our families) our water, our soil, and the areas our children play as well as the places we grow and gather food.

We ask that you use mechanical methods of clearing instead.

We also urge you to consider management practices that incorporate the establishment of native plants to provide safe pollinator and wildlife habitat in a way that reduces the need for mechanical clearing.

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