#Human Rights
United States Congress
United States of America

Many people believe that slavery ended over 200 years ago, yet the world today tells a different story. In reality there are actually roughly 27 billion slaves in the world today.

How does it happen? And why hasn't it been stopped?

Modern day slavery and human trafficking bring in over a billion dollars a year. The trade of human beings is profitable. Yet it is also wrong. The rights of those who are trafficked are stripped away from them and they literally have no voice.

Please sign the petition to urge congress to take action against human trafficking.

We, the undersigned, urge congress to do whatever is in their power to make treaties, bills, and to use what ever money they can to benefit the lives of those who have been trafficked and those who are currently being trafficked all over the world.

Urge the governments of foreign countries to crack down on traffickers and to increase the reprimands given to them for this intolerable act.

Thank you.

the undersigned

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