#Children's Rights
Past, Current & Future Parents of the Ludlowe Preschool in Fairfield CT
United States of America

The telephone located in the Ludlowe Preschool room does not have a ring or any type of answering system. Therefore, when someone calls no one knows the phone is ringing unless they are literally seated at the desk, looking at the phone and see the lights blinking. Additionally, there is no voicemail on the phone to have messages left should no one be around to answer the phone.

This creates several problems. Firstly, any parent, who currently has a child in school and who urgently needs to get ahold of a teacher, has virtually no chance of getting through. You can call the Webster house office to have a message sent to the preschool. However, on occasion this can still be a problem. Below is a plausible and actual scenario of late.

On short notice, a mother needed her child picked up by another mother. Taking a chance she attempted the preschool line, but this was to no avail. She then called the Webster house office to have a message sent to the preschool. However, all employees were at lunch except for one. This person did attempt to get a message to the preschool, however, the message was emailed to the wrong teacher in a different department. Needless to say, the message was not received by the preschool teachers until much later.

Secondly, parents wishing to have their child enrolled in the program, rarely have an opportunity to get through directly to the preschool. Some may realize they need to call the high school office, however, some may not.

Lastely, it is certain that the Ward High School has a ring allowed directly into the Preschool and that Staples High School in Westport have not only a ring on the phone, but an answering machine or system.

It seems not only chancy but also illogical to have no immediate contact should the problem arise. Please join our attempt to have the Board of Ed reassess their decision. Thank you for your time.

We, the undersigned, formally request the Board of Education of Fairfield, CT to have a ringtone and answering system put on the telephone located within the Ludlowe High School Preschool room. We, past, current and/or future parents of preschoolers enrolled in this program, are concerned about how the difficult it is to get through directly to the preschool room.

Recently there was an instance where a parent needed to get through to the preschool and since the phone within the preschool would assuredly not be answered, the parent called The Webster House office. Everyone in Webster House, except one person, was out to lunch and therefore a message could not get delivered in time to the preschool.

It seems counterintuitive and inconsistent to have no ring and/or answer system in the Ludlowe preschool. It is public knowledge that the Ward High School preschool has a ring on the phone in the classroom. Addtionally, the Staples High School preschool in Westport has a ring and an answering system. It is crucial that a ringer and answer system be allowed at the Ludlowe High School Preschool.

Thank you from concerned parents.

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