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In late May 2007, a copy of Tegan and Sara's upcoming album, "The Con," (with a release date of July 24, 2007) was leaked online.

In support of Tegan and Sara, many fans want to let the girls know that they refuse to download the leaked copy and will wait for the release of the real thing.

We, the undersigned, though realizing how incredibly awfully excruciatingly difficult it will be, pledge not to download illegal copies of Tegan and Sara’s new album, “The Con,” which was very sadly leaked by some mean person two months before its official release date (or, if we have slipped up and already listened to the album, we pledge to delete it from our computers, refuse to pass it on to anyone else or tell them how to get it, and not listen to it again until we’ve got a real copy in our hands on July 24th, at which point we will proceed to indulge in the frenzied micro-analysis of every single song that we didn’t get to do the first time through).

We make this pledge out of respect and love for two of our most favorite girls on the planet (who are also our best friends) because we realize how much of themselves they put into the music they share with us and delight us with time and time again, and we want to honor their work by waiting patiently (okay, we admit it, impatiently) to hear their music on their terms! Though we would of course buy any album of theirs one way or the other, we understand that it’s not just the record sales, but the surprise and excitement and so many other things that mean a lot to THEM that matter, and the last thing we want to do is something that would make them sad or disappointed.

Thus, though it may kill us, we will wait for the impossibly distant day of July 24th when we can finally jump the record store clerk the minute the store opens, fling money at him, knock over little old ladies as we fly out of the mall, and bolt home to where we can tear off the packaging like 5-year-olds at Christmas, close our eyes, and imagine Sara putting headphones on every single one of us. As we are enveloped by the voices that never fail to make us laugh, cry, sing, dance, think, remember, relax, scream, ache, heal, smile, and feel, we will KNOW the wait was worth it!

In love,

Your best friends,

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