#Animal Welfare
Florence Police, South Carolina
United States of America

On June 30, 2012, witnesses saw five or six teenagers pour lighter fluid on Princess, a five month-old chow puppy, in Florence, South Carolina.

Princess died two days later since her owner, Deondra Peterson didn't take her to the veterinarian immediately, but let the dog linger in agony and shock under her house.

We, the undersigned, urge that the teenagers who poured lighter fluid on Princess, a five-month old puppy, and set her on fire be arrested, prosecuted, and receive maximum penalty for this act of unspeakable maliciousness and cruelty.

Sadism is sadism whether it is committed against an animal or a human being and must not be tolerated. These young people are clearly treacherous criminals and a threat to society at large.

We have no more tolerance for animal cruelty and are seeing far too much of it in this country and around the world. Only harsher sentences will alleviate this horror.

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