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At the age of 16, teenagers finally learn a small fraction of adulthood by learning how to drive. After getting their license, teenagers are usuallly ecstatic. AM I RIGHT?

Well after fianlly catching on to driving without an adult and getting "the hang of things", teenagers start to realize that they are quite limited!!!!!

Having a drivers cufew at the age of 17 is insanely childish. Sure u might think that teenagers should be home at 11pm (the curfew) but that isnt teaching them responsiblity at all.

Instead of parents worrying about their children drinking they should worry about them driving because they most likely are rushing and driving dangerously to please their parents. Furthermore, they dont consider that if they were ddrinking that they would be driving drunk jsut because thier parents wouldnt let them stay over someones elses house.

Junior Licenses should only be provided to teenagers over the age of 16 because at the age of 17 and most likely seniors in high school, teenagers should be treated with more respect as they prepare for college or an occupation .

Teenagers at the age of 17 should no longer be provided a junior license but instead with a senior license.

At the age of 17, students are most likely a senior in high school and should no longer have a curfew because they are going to be out past it anyway and it would settle many quarrels against angry parents strict with curfew.

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