#Human Rights
Shippensburg Fair Committee
United States of America

Rule #3 in order to compete for Shippensburg Fair Queen is "Contestant must be single, have never been married, have not been pregnant nor given birth to a child." Not only is this a rule for the Shippensburg Fair, it is a State Law in Pennsylvania. It is also a law in many other states as well. Over the years some girls who have already had kids have tried and tried to have that rule changed however it keeps being overruled and denied. But why? Just because you've had a child at a young age does not mean that you aren't a good role model.

Most teen moms overcome a lot of struggles and yet somehow seem to still accomplish the most important things in life; like graduation for example. If they want to accomplish something else in life; why stop them? The lack of support teen mothers get these days, not to mention the discrimination is not right!

By signing this petition, you will be supporting the fight to help change rule #3 on the Shippensburg Fair Queen Contestant requirement form.

Not only will this just help Shippensburg, but it will help all county fairs in Pennsylvania and possibly even other states in the U.S.

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