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MSG & other flavor enhancing food additives not only confuse our bodies natural ability to recognize when it is satiated but also induce cravings, which can lead to eating disorders & binge behavior.

The lack of valuable nutrients in such food leaves the body devoid of the vitamins & minerals it needs to function properly & quite simply leaves it wanting more..... and more.... and more.

MSG has been linked to retinal degeneration & is believed to cause permanent damage to the neural pathways within our brain -- leading to behavior disorders, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders, obesity, and more.

British medical journal Lancet has linked common food additives and colorings to hyperactivity, even in kids who have not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. The study found that food additives could lead to more inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity through middle childhood, and advised parents to monitor the activity of children when they are eating more additives to see if those products should be eliminated from their diet.

Behavioral & health disorders are directly related to our daily diet. Fortunately, we possess the knowledge of what our bodies require to sustain a healthy existence.... let's make it a standard!

Promote Healthy Behavior by making junk-food less accessible & less acceptable!

I suggest we make "junk-food" more expensive in the United States, encouraging natural food choices as an alternative.

We need to develop a standard for an acceptable proportion of nutrients within our food products which allows us to categorize items as either "healthy" or as "junk-food".

Foods that fall within the junk-food category should subsequently incur an additional tax which makes them more expensive than healthy alternatives.

By increasing the cost/tax of processed food items we discourage it as an easy snack option. If such foods costs more they will become less prevalent within society, thereby making natural foods not only a healthier choice but a more affordable one.

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