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The 2006 Canadian Census, shows for the first time in Canadian history, that Single persons now make up the majority of the population in Canada.

This is the segment of the population that pays the higher rate of personal income tax versus married Canadians.

Single Canadians are also overlooked in every budget when it comes to granting new tax exemptions or rebates.

It is time that this inequity be rectified.

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that the Government of Canada make any and all necessary changes to the Tax Laws of Canada, so that all persons are treated equally regardless of their Marital Status.

We further demand that any and all tax exemptions and or rebates be adjusted so that there is no discrimination based upon marital status, and that where such an exemption or rebate is given to a portion of Canadians that fall in to one specific martial status an equal exemption or rebate must also be given to those Canadians who are of a different marital status.

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