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TaSC Amendment

Congressional members presiding over a fiscal year with a Federal Spending to Gross Domestic Product ratio of over 18% are denied another term.

Since World War II, the top tax rates have been as high as 90% and as low as 28%, and yet federal revenue stubbornly averaged about 18% of GDP. Spending at a rate higher than this, except for times of great national peril, is irresponsible.

In times of great national peril, like war, when more than 18% of GDP must be spent, congressional members need only forfeit their next term. Patriots serving in Congress will gladly pay this cost.

Revenue collected over the 18% should be applied to the national debt. Once the national debt is paid, overages should be refunded to the taxpayers.

Congress will never pass an amendment policing themselves so we must call for a Constitutional Convention to pass the amendment, independent of Congress. We need 2/3 of the states (33 states) to call for the Convention and then 3/4 of the states (38 states) to ratify the amendment.

Please take the time to watch the short TaSC Amendment presentation at www.tascamendment.com

Help support the passage of the TaSC Amendment by signing the petition for your state. Once we have 100,000 signatures in a state, we will call for coordinated rallies at the offices of that state's legislators. This way we can keep this initiative as localized as possible.

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If enough of us act, we can finally do SOMETHING about our irresponsible Congress.

Will you?

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