Gulfport FL
United States of America

The city of Gulfport has been operating a garbage business in the middle of a very nice neighborhood around city hall.

While we understand there are some things only the city can do, running a garbage collection business is not one of them. Private trash collection can be done cheaper with better recycling & will get rid of a bad location & big pollution source in our neighborhood!

Money put into general fund from sanitation is called a profit by the city but its really a hidden tax. This extra money is paid by us to the city and is not a profit but a hidden tax!

Gulfport City Council, We the undersigned ask you to Privatize the Garbage dept to remove the blight from your garbage business in our Gulfport Art District neighborhood by moving industrial operations & garbage equipment out of our neighborhood.

The city should not be allowed to be a bad neighbor doing things that pollute and disrupt the health and quiet enjoyment of its neighbors. If the city can't run its garbage business as well as a private company, which would NOT be allowed to such a thing in the middle of a neighborhood, then the city should privatize the garbage business to save us from this hidden tax and at the same time start being a good neighbor.

If moving the city garbage business to the 49th St Commercial Industrial area is not acceptable, even though the neighbors had no objections in surveys, then why would it be acceptable in the middle of our neighborhood? The solution in that case would be for this city business to be privatized since it is incompatible with any neighborhood.

It's been a decades long problem that needs to be addressed now. Its been ignored far too long hoping for "people to die or move away".

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