#Media Issues

13 Reasosn Why, the show on Netflix has deteriorated people’s recovery to get better from the graphic scenes they have shown us.

We as a society know from other people or experiences that trauma is everywhere but the specific details of the last few episodes of 13 Reasons Why has deteriorated not only my mental health recovery but so many around the world. Yes, what they’re doing is showing what goes on in the world but the fact that they made the scenes so graphic and detailed by the facial expressions, sounds or camera angles is horrifying. This is coming from a person who has been working on her recovery for 5 years and who has been in and out of hospital because of mental health. They took it too far with the graphics and I’ve decided to make this petition for us to sign to let the producers know that it has affected us. This isn’t a step forward, it’s a step back in recovery.

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