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For years media communications made profit with their radio, tv stations or newspapers. Advertising is their bussiness but now is time to take action as Media leaders and promote people to take action to stop the global warming with our simple daily acts.

Panamericana TV form Peru did it. A 50 years old TV Station is promoting the campaigng TAKE CARE OF OUR ENVIRONMENT, TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME (CUIDEMOS NUESTRO AMBIENTE, CUIDEMOS NUESTRO HOGAR).

We invite every single media owner to follow Panamericana TV and take action!

This campaign promotes 19 tips to take action and a wonderful 1 minute message about Peru's wonders in nature and why is important to take care of it. This is a millionarie campaigne with 10 spots 25" daily and it will last from October 2008 for a year.

to watch Panamericana Videos,write cbarreto@pantel.com.pe

Media Owners;

Media Stations think they are not going to make money if they support good causes.

It is vital for media communicators to inform people why everybody has to take care of their enviroment.

You will be making more money than you think in a currency that is not countable but good energy for your business.

Please sign this petititon to invite the South American, African, Asia, USA and Europe Media Owners to do something today!!

Cecilia Barreto
Panamericana TV
Promotion Area

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