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Nevada county Code
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Hello everyone, I'm a small time ball python owner living in Nevada county. I have recently had run ins with code enforcement about my animals with me living in a R1 residential area in a house I own. Currently I am fighting a violation of code for owning these animals. However, October 4th they are revisiting their classifications of exotic animals and we need to come together and get boas and pythons off this list. These are gross generalization of genus not species. This affects a large percentage of everyday pet store animals(Sand boas, Rosy boas, Ball pythons, Spotted pythons, ect.) These are animals we know make great pets and are easily manageable, that cause no harm and are widely owned in America. I will be presenting these signatures along with info on these species being affected by this generalization to the board in hopes that we make a change for the everyday reptile owners in Nevada county. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on Nevada County to remove boas and pythons from your classification list of exotic species.

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