The Right Honorable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Bill C-38, while allegedly a "budget" bill, is in fact an omnibus bill that includes a significant number of other, non-monetary, legislative reforms. These reforms deserve to be analyzed and voted on individually, rather than collected into a single bill which will be accepted or rejected in its totality.

The proposed reforms in this 425-page bill include:
* dismantling the Environmental Assessment Act;
* eliminating habitat protection from the Fisheries Act;
* weakening Food and Drug regulations;
* repealing the Fair Wages and Hours of Labor Act;
* raising Old Age Security qualification from age 65 to age 67;
* reducing health care transfers to the provinces;
* repealing the Kyoto Implementation Act;
* eliminating independent oversight from 12 key government agencies (including, for example, for the Food Inspection Agency and for Revenue Canada);
* eliminating organizations who provide independent public policy research;
* dissolving the Public Appointments Commission (which ensures that key public service positions are assigned by merit alone); and
* curtailing the Auditor General's ability to hold the Government accountable to the Canadian public.

Please check the associated website for more details on this bill.

We, the undersigned, call on the Right Honorable Stephen Harper and the Conservative government not to proceed with Bill C-38.

We do not want our goverment to become less accountable to the citizens of Canada. We oppose this legislation, and we urge the Government of Canada not to proceed.

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