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Premier Brumby is increasing TAFE fees by up to 160%.

The Victorian Government is dramatically increasing the cost of TAFE for Victorian students. They call it "market prices" and say students won't value their education unless they pay more for it. But in reality, the State Government is shifting the cost of education to those who can least afford it.

John Brumby's changes mean Victorian TAFE students will pay higher fees (up by 160% for some courses), Bigger debts (University style loans will be introduced) and Limited Concessions.

The Bottom Line is this: John Brumby is pricing too many people out of tomorrow's job market.

Please HELP the Australian Education Union make education available for ALL Victorians! A highly-skilled workforce benefits all Victorians.

Please sign the petition to add your voice to the call for a real investment in Victoria's TAFE system, not shifting the cost of education to those who can least afford it!

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria,

The Petition of certain citizens of the state of Victoria draws to the attention of the House of negative impact of the Government's reforms on the provision of TAFE and VET education through the "Securing Jobs for your Future: Skills for Victoria" initiative.

The reforms will:
- Increase fees for some courses by up to 160%
- Introduce a university-style loans scheme that will leave many students with financially crippling debts;
- Abolish the concession status for many students with fees increasing from $55 to $1,500;
- Deliver more public money to for-profit private training organistions at the expense of public TAFES; and
- Shift the cost of education by reducing the Government's support for students from 88% to 60%.

These reforms will most adversely affect those students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and rural and indigenous students - those who can least afford to be discouraged from further education and training.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria pass a motion that calls on the Government to abondon plans that will effectvely privatise the public TAFE system and incrase the cost of TAFE and VET, pricing too many Victorians out of vocational education. Moreover, the motion should seek to commit the Government to provide adequate resources to enable all who wish to enrol in TAFE/VET to do so at little or no cost with a view to tackling the current skills shortage and incraseing the numbers of Victorians with post-school qualifications.

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