#City & Town Planning
City of Yarra

Re: Ralph of Taco Truck's message today:

"Dear City of Yarra residents,

I am sorry to say that the 5 locations that we applied for in the City of Yarra have all been rejected. We are not permitted to trade on public or private land nor attend private catering requests. We have been informed by the senior local laws officer that police have been put on alert and are instructed to seize the taco truck if found trading in Yarra. We are still hopeful to resolve a location and the ability to attend pop up events.

Thanks to all our customers we really appreciate your patience and understanding.

Kind regards


We, the undersigned, request a review of the City of Yarra's decision to deny the Taco Truck the ability to trade in the City of Yarra area.

We, the undersigned, love tacos (or love someone who does) and believe this withholding of deliciousness a disservice to City of Yarra residents.

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