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College students love Mexican food; People that party love Mexican food; Fort Collins is a College Town; College kids like to party.

Nothing is better than a burrito at 2 am in the morning. Taco Star is open 24/7.

That will get tons of business in this college town.

We've seen them in different areas of Colorado and we love them. They are open 24 hours a day and they make great business come night time when all the intoxicated party people are hungry. Nothing is better than having a Carne Asada burrito at 2 AM in the middle of the night to get your grub on, especially when you are intoxicated.

Please help to sign this petition that we would love to have a Taco Star up here in Fort Collins, CO (A College Town) because no one likes to drive 27 miles just for a burrito. Not only do they sell delicious burritos, they also sell Tortas, Super Nachos, and various Mexican Cuisines, especially tacos.

I know I'm not the only one, we all know that Taco Star would make amazing business here in Fort Collins, Colorado. A College town, where college students love to party!

This will also make job availability much better.

Show what real good tasting Mexican food is like, especially when it is affordable!

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