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Knife crime and gang culture is becoming one of the greatest concerns for the British public. Hardly a day goes by without somebody, and all too often a teenager, losing their life.

The public want action, and yet the Labour & Tory politicians seem to be at a complete loss for ideas about what to do. Indeed, perhaps their past policies have created this problem?

There is "no one solution", but I feel part of the solution is to change social attitudes to violent crime. Where appropriate, the usual charges of Assault, GBH, ABH or even manslaughter and murder should be substituted with Cowardice.

Many take the view that prison is no longer an effective deterrent, I agree. We need to hit these thugs where it hurts most: their so called “street cred”.

View the BBC report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXDpz0hcc5U

This counter argument that teenagers are so dysfunctional it will make no difference. Perhaps, perhaps not - but as a society, is that where we are? And if so, who should take responsibility for this level of social & moral decay?

Even if a Cowardice Act reduced knife crime by only 10%, it would be worthwhile legislation. Surely there are still some thugs out there with a shred of “common decency” that would change their ways rather than be branded a coward?

I hope you agree, and sign the petition.

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