Paul Schoering, Marty Adelstein, Robert Knepper

Around the world there are really so many fans both of Robert Knepper and T-Bag ( beautifully portrayed by him), who loved them especially in the 1st season inside the Joliet Prison.

It cannot be denied that among the characters T-Bag has been the most appreciated in the entire show in all its four seasons or if not the most, surely one of them.

The very end of Prison Break made us think of being definitively cut adrift from our beloved badass, where only the tribute to him made by "Breakout Kings" gave us a little sunbeam.

It's only one episode, it's true, but for us seeing him again creating such a mess only to avenge his mother, aware that he want not to made either a real break out, nor remain out of jail because is the only home he knows… is enough to revive our hunger to see him again, to see all what we didn't see.

We cheered for him.
We smiled and laughed with him.
We were in angst watching him so near to death so many times, biting the pillow with our eyes wide open and a bucket of curses on the lips for the fear of see him dead at the end of the episode (and luckily it NEVER happened or we would have SERIOUSLY riot).
We hated who hated or harmed him, unable to understand his personal drama.
We cried with him and felt his pain and his delusions in those so expressive dark eyes.
And we sighed with relief at the very end, for his return to Fox River, without a hand but ALIVE.

He's a smart badass. He's an animal. He's a monster. But there's something at the bottom of his heart that give him that sort of tenderness, a light in the soul of a life broken all along into pieces because of the others, that "something" not defined but present that we have never been able to ignore.

Like Robert Knepper said "I think there's something in my eyes, a childlike thing in there. There's still an innocence. There's still a bit of hope".

And we want to believe again in that bit of hope drowned in the ocean of his monstrosity.
We want to know more.
We want to continue to love him.
We want our T-Bag and we want him back.
Please, give him back again to us.

(Petition started by Christian - http://twitter.com/ValekLost)





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~What Robert Knepper said about the idea~

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We ask for the production of a Prison Break's spin-off about T-Bag, portrayed by the great Robert Knepper, set inside Fox River after the end of the 4th season of Prison Break and after the episode 1x03 of Breakout Kings.

We would like to follow our favorite villain again in a whole series fully dedicated to him and to his life inside the prison, to see all what we didn’t see in the main plot, including all the most extreme sides like sexual abuses or racist actions.

We would also like more raw contents (like Oz) , in order to be realistic and give Robert more chances to dive into the mind of his character, to show him in all of his evil and for this beautiful nature, maybe with flashbacks regarding his past life and his past adventures with the Fox River Eight.

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