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Those people who are thirsty and hungry

We the thirsty and hungry people of the world are waiting upon you to assist us. Because we are disabled, our voice is unheard. Please assist us with fresh water, natural supplements and most importantly training on how to sustainably feed ourselves supplied by our Super Heroes at Food Forestry Foundation.

We the undersigned, call upon BlackRock Impact to invest $5,000,000 for the programs of Food Forestry Foundation, Inc. This will begin this non-profit's mission, sustainably feeding the world. Be aware that Food Forestry Foundation has developed several simple effective means of supplying the most important elements for long-term health of all populations: fresh invigorated water, simple nutritional supplements and training to sustainably feed themselves.

This investment will be considered a loan to Food Forestry Foundation, Inc. The CEO, Mr. Ocean, promises to repay this loan at the rate of 25% per year, in perpetuity, guaranteed by an escrowed account. This is the initiation of fundraising for its' subsidiary Food Forestry Costa Rica, whose 2017 financial goal is $7.5 billion.

We suggest that we all consider that as we read and sign this document, to be forwarded to BlackRock Impact, two children have just died needlessly because of conditions related to malnutrition. We the undersigned, want to create a joyous anticipation for these funds to be released to their highest and best use, sustainably feeding the world.

We call upon our Gracious Creator to assist us in satisfying this petition.

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