#Neighborhood Living
Surrey Mayor and Council

In 2008, Surrey Council suspended action against 70 homeowners who illegally overbuilt their homes, after a lobbyist asked them too. These homeowners have still not been required to conform to City bylaws, or been prosecuted for flagrantly breaking the law.

This illegal overbuilding happens constantly in Surrey without the City doing anything to enforce their own laws. The City is now considering changing the bylaws to increase the allowable size of residential homes by 1,000 square feet, which incidentally would make the currently illegal buildings legal.

Is that fair?

WE THE UNDERSIGNED RESIDENTS OF SURREY demand that the Mayor and Council immediately take action to enforce the City's own bylaws against overbuilding of residential homes, require remediation of these homes to comply with bylaws, and punish offenders.

WE FURTHER DEMAND that prior to any changes to the allowable size of residential homes in Surrey that the City undertake a full and open public dialogue with the residents of Surrey.

WE FURTHER DEMAND that any such changes to building bylaws not be retroactive, and that all infractions of the bylaws at the time they occurred will be prosecuted.

The Surrey Must Enforce Building Bylaws petition to Surrey Mayor and Council was written by Camia Weaver and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.