#Human Rights
Republic of the Congo

Concerning to what is happening in my homeland DRC in ourdays especially in Goma side, Nkundabatware has manifested things which cannot be tolerated in the world after killing the innocents people (mothers, children, old people) and the violence of the women by raping them all these should be the evidence to support and arrest him immediately without delaying.

I, as individual after watching the T.V and see what is going on in our country DRC I realise that the Government doesn't care of his population especially in Eastern-Congo that's a reason even the rebel knows that no one who can stop for doing whatever he want.

We need to support the Arrest of a killer (NKundabatware).

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The Supporting the Arrest of a killer (NKundabatware) petition to Nkundabatware was written by Eraston Kibururu and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.