Grand Island Board of Education and G.I. Superintendent Dr. Teresa Lawrence
United States of America

Grand Island has a long and rich history of excellence in instrumental and vocal music. Music is academic and curricular, impacting all of the students in the Grand Island School District. Students have demonstrated overwhelmingly that the music education they have received has been outstanding.

Our students garner accolades in All County, Area-All State, NYSSMA, and other competitions throughout the United States. Over and over again, Grand Island has demonstrated that it’s music program is one of the best in Western New York.

The 2015-2016 budget is currently being reviewed and once again, the music department is under consideration to be cut back. Last year, a grant was received to save a position that was set for elimination. It was a one time grant that was provided to our district because a State Legislator saw the value in our music program. Had we not received the grant last year, the impact of that cut position would have been felt this year which would have dramatically impaired the entire music program.

Currently, the music program is understaffed at the elementary and high school levels. Our children cannot afford to have any more positions cut. Instead, we should be pushing to add another position to respond to the growing population of students who are electing to participate in curricular music both instrumental and vocal.

To continue our rich heritage of music, we need to let our Superintendent and our Grand Island Board of Education know that we strongly support our Grand Island Music program and need to bolster what we have, not make any more damaging cuts.

We the undersigned strongly support our Music Program and as taxpayers and community members, we ask that you preserve and promote our music program in the best way possible to benefit the hundreds of students who are enrolled in these programs.

We need to preserve the programs that educate and promote our talented and gifted students and not make any cuts to the Grand Island School District Music Program.

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