Northport High School
United States of America

The decision made regarding the leadership problem which is currently facing Students for 60,000 will have a profound influence on the future success of the organization.

In order to maintain and improve upon the club's meritorious record in the fields of local and global charity, a leader must be appointed who embodies the ideals from which the club was born; the ideals of the student members of the club, the previous alumni, the numerous supporters in the Northport community, and the current advisors: Mr. Dick Wiltamuth, and the organization's founder, Mr. Peter White. They are the ideals of every man, woman, and child who has ever dreamed of a world free from poverty, and who has taken action in hope of the eventual actualization of this dream. It is the opinion of many of those active with the club that the man who will best be able to lead students in pursuit of these lofty goals is Mr. Michael A. Cipoletti, a Northport High School graduate who is already thoroughly involved in the affairs of the organization.

A description of exactly why Mr. Cipolletti is the perfect candidate for the position pales in comparison to actually meeting the man. One cannot help but notice his infectious joy, joy which inspires both the students he works with and the underprivileged poor he helps to aid. His intelligence and ingenuity are unparalleled, and would guarantee that the club would grow and become stronger to carry out its important work.

Mr. Cipoletti's most important quality is his dedication to the cause of the eradication of local and global poverty; a dedication which is genuine and not the result of the monetary compensation awarded to the club's advisor. The people who know this to be true are not just the organizers of this petition; ask Mr. Peter White, who has worked with Mr. Cipoletti on numerous service projects and can attest to his talent and commitment; ask members of the Northport community whose lives have been touched by Mr. Cipoletti's kindness of heart; ask the students who have seen proof in Mr. Cipoletti that one man can indeed change the world; and most importantly, ask the people of Chacraseca and Nuevo Amanacer, whose faces light up in hope and joy when they see "Miguelito" Cipoletti and know that he will never stop working tirelessly to help them improve their lives.

The appointment of Mr. Cipoletti as Students for 60,000's next advisor would be a victory for the people aforementioned, as well as an assurance that the friendship, education, and hope provided by the club will live on.

We, the undersigned student members and community supporters of the service club Students for 60,000, endorse Mr. Michael A. Cipoletti as the next advisor of the organization.

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