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History documents the peace caravan of 980 B.C., when Queen Sheba took a caravan of 750 camels and peace offerings from central Yemen to King Solomon in Jerusalem. With political and religious unrest in various places throughout the world, it is perhaps time for us to find ways to diffuse some of the negative energy and to bring people together.

We would like to create a cause in which people everywhere in the world could be involved. The purpose of focusing on history is to come to an understanding of how we can make a better outcome in today’s world.

During the filming of The One Gift documentary, we organized and led several camel caravans and found the experience to be enlightening and rewarding. We have felt a compelling desire to share that experience with all those who would like to be part of a greater peace effort. People from around the world participated in the filming, and everyone had such a wonderful time working together that they completely forgot about their ethnic backgrounds. This is what we envision with the people participating in this peace caravan.

We invite you to join us in making this the greatest historical event in the name of world peace that has ever come to pass.

A one-day conference for the caravan launch will be held in Petra the day before the caravan leaves. This opening event will be a celebration, with special guest speakers, local entertainment, a dance, and an evening dinner for all caravan participants and family members.

The caravan will depart the next morning following some of the original Frankincense Trail south to Aquaba, to the border crossing, and then north to the West Bank of the Dead Sea, to the Jericho Valley, and then west to Jerusalem.

A two-day Health and Peace Conference will be held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre on the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan on December 21 and 22 2015. World leaders, world religious leaders, and movie stars will be the guest speakers, and there will be vendors and exhibits for education and entertainment.

The purpose of the caravan is to help create understanding and compassion for each other between people everywhere with different beliefs and ethnic backgrounds by respecting our differences that we might live together in peace and harmony. Another objective is to help raise funds to improve education and offer solutions to underprivileged countries by building schools, orphanages, missions, and even health clinics. Children are the future of our world, and to better their lives and give opportunity for growth is our way to strengthen the future of our world.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to pass a resolution calling upon the nations of the world to enact a cease fire from December 15 to December 26 of 2015 while the World Peace Caravan and Health and Peace Conference is underway.

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