#Animal Welfare
Governor of California, California State Assembly
United States of America

Proposed budget reductions to the department of Fish and Game includes General Fund reductions of $8.4 million and 59.9 positions in 2008-09. The department of Fish and Game leads the Ecosystem Restoration Program. The Ecosystem Restoration Program works to ensure conservation, and protection of: wildlife, native plants, and habitat. The conservation acts of the native animals and plants in California are important to ensure the biologically sustainable populations of those species" (ebudget.ca.gov). Throughout history and the present, human beings have been disrupting and harming wildlife. Some forms of destruction include: hunting, river damming, logging, ocean trolling, and more.

A report from the global conservation organization, WWF, states that humans have destroyed more than 30 percent of the natural world since 1970. Animals and plants play an important role in the health and proper functioning of ecosystems, it is vital to protect and conserve them.

Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed budget for 2009 will radically reduce the states wildlife conservation efforts and resources. We call upon the government to provide adequate funding for this important department.

We, the undersigned residents of the State of California, urge Governor Schwarzenegger and the State Legislature, to rescind the proposed reduction in funding and staffing of the Ecosystem Restoration program.

While we appreciate the severity of the current economic situation, we believe that curtailing the important efforts to conserve and preserve California's native wildlife and habitats is of utmost importance and has significant ramifications for our lives and future generations.

We urge you to vote against any further cuts in funding for the Ecosystem Restoration Program.


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