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Where the Truth Lies, based on the best-selling mystery novel by Rupert Holmes, follows a woman journalist as she strives to untangle a web of murder and deceit, fifteen years after the fact. One night, two celebrities happen to be in the company of a beautiful young woman who later turns up dead. Will the amateur sleuth be able to distinguish where the truth lies? According to Atom Egoyan, Director, who teamed actors Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth with Alison Lohman for the picture, Where the Truth Lies is "the story of a conflict between a public myth and a private history." and was recently entered for competition at Cannes Film Festival 2005.

There is a mistaken belief in Hollywood and among the entertainment press that Colin Firth in this role would not be widely accepted by his of thousands of fans. It is a gross injustice to all of Mr. Firth's fans to assume that his fan base is only interested in seeing him play romantic leads such as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice or Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones. The majority of Mr. Firth's fans follow all of his works from the beginning of his career in dark or quirky movies such as Tumbledown, Apartment Zero, and The Advocate, up to the present in Trauma.

We consider Where the Truth Lies a natural progression in the career of one of the greatest and sadly most underrated actors of his generation. One of the major objections in North America not picking up this film is the graphic nature of several sex scenes. However, many successful, widely distributed films these days include graphic sex scenes.

If such scenes are integral to the story, and reflect certain realities of life as they do in Where the Truth Lies, do they not then deserve to be shown as the director and cast conceived them?

We, the undersigned, ask that you support us in our efforts to ensure that Where the Truth Lies is distributed in wide release, uncut and uncensored in North America. Distribution is already in place for Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Our intention is to petition Robert Lantos, producer of Where the Truth Lies, Thinkfilms, in which Lantos has recently become a partner, Mirimax, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and the Weinstein Brothers to do everything possible to ensure the release of this film.

We believe it is time to step out of the box and look at this film as it was intended; a brilliant, artistic, edgy, film noir. Please take a moment and make a comment in the section below re: your wishes for this film.

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