#Animal Welfare
Polícia Militar de Proteção Ambiental/ Cidadãos de Rondonópolis

Many animals are abandoned on the highway called Anel Viário, and are taken in by students from the Rondonopolis campus. In 2023 alone, more than 10 animals have already been rescued, mostly dogs, which are cared for by students and campus workers who help with food and medicine, and also help trying to find a home for them.
However, this should not happen, animals shouldn’t be mistreated and abandoned.

We, students of campus IFMT-Rondonopolis, are fighting against animal abandonment that occurs on the state highway known as Anel Viário.
Dogs and cats, most of the time puppies, are often left on the road, which end up being run over and injured, and end up in campus residences. Students and workers, take care of the animals with food and medicine.
Help us take care of them and prevent abandonment!

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