#Human Rights
Sita Suez UK

The employer Sita Suez has launched an outrageous attack on Trade Union rights. Simon Guest the Assistant Depot Manager of Sita Suez in Willenhall, Wolverhampton has suspended three employees. They were suspended simply for belonging to a Trade Union - Solidarity (www.solidaritytradeunion.net).

Worse still evidence has been provided that this was at the instigation of the rival Trade Union Unite who objected to their members leaving to join Solidarity! This disgusting collusion between the bosses and a Union shames the Union movement.

We the undersigned support the Trade Union rights of the 'Willenhall 3' who have been suspended from work simply for belonging to the T.U. Solidarity.

We condemn the action of Sita-Suez (a waste management company).

Discrimination against or harassment of a worker because of his or her membership or non-membership of a Union is unacceptable. The three workers must be immediately reinstated and a public apology made.

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