#Roads & Transport
All residents of Windsor Hills, View Park & View Heights
United States of America

For anyone that spends a short amount of time in our community, it becomes exceedingly clear that there are way too many instances of vehicles speeding through narrow residential streets far in excess of the posted 25 mph speed limit that put our children, seniors and other pedestrians and vehicles in serious jeopardy.

Many of our neighbors have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to get our elected officials and public agency professionals to pay attention to this serious problem and take appropriate action in order to avert what could (and unfortunately in a few instances actually have) result in fatal consequences.

It is time for all of us -- community members rushing to get to work, home or elsewhere, law enforcement (CHP handles traffic for unincorporated LA County) and LA County Public Works to collaborate and implement effective traffic control systems that address these dangerous conditions and get drivers to SLOW DOWN NOW.

We, the undersigned residents of the unincorporated communities of Windsor Hills, View Park and View Heights hereby urgently request that LA County Dept. of Public Works implement additional traffic safety measures in our community to reduce vehicle speed, including but not limited to speed cushions, traffic signals, stop signs and radar speed displays.

A comprehensive survey of the entire community should be done immediately, with particular focus on the following streets: Slauson from Angeles Vista to Keniston; Valley Ridge from Angeles Vista to Mt. Vernon; Northridge from Marvale to Valley Ridge; Presidio from Stocker to Angeles Vista; Olympiad from Valley Ridge to Presidio; Mullen from Angeles Vista to Olympiad; Mt. Vernon from Verdun to Circle View; Angeles Vista from Stocker to Mt. Vernon; Victoria from Stocker to Mt. Vernon; and Homeland from Mt. Vernon to Angeles Vista. We reserve the right to add additional locations to this priority list as determined by the community.

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