#City & Town Planning
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

There have been several near-miss situations with respect to pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Heavy traffic patterns throughout various times of the day result in long wait periods for drivers travelling east/west or turning left to travel north/south.

Current crosswalk light system is insufficient for the following reasons:

1. Safety of pedestrians and school crossing guards during peak school traffic periods.

2. Safety of pedestrians during non-peak school traffic periods.

3. Vehicular traffic has increased significantly, rendering present crosswalk light insufficient.

4. Vehicular traffic uses intersection as 4-lane, instead of 2-lane. Many drivers go around a vehicle turning left without taking the crosswalks into consideration.

5. Development continuing in the area which will increase vehicular traffic.

We, the undersigned, call on the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to immediately install a full set of traffic lights at the intersection of Millenium Drive and Parsons Creek Drive/Dominion Drive.

The Support Traffic Lights at School Intersection petition to Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo was written by Cathie Langmead and is in the category City & Town Planning at GoPetition.