#Residential Disputes
Sue Payne - Chichester Distict Council
United Kingdom

Chichester District Council are forcing the removal of our external toilet, bell tent, chicken hutch, storage area and "kitchen area".

1.) we don't own a Yurt, The bell tent is a removable/collapsible structure.

2.) We require fresh eggs for our volunteers to be kept fed and happy. The chicken hutch is also a collapsible structure. Furthermore we live in rural Sussex, people keep chickens!

3.) We require an external toilet as Owls about town is business looking to obtain a Zoo licence in the future and a toilet is a fundamental requirement.

4.) A kitchen area is a a bit of a stretch in terminology. We have a camp fire area with seating for volunteers and groups with drink making/storage facilities - seating to hold the birds is imperative for older individuals less able to stand.

5.) Owls about town is committed to the development of education to young social groups within the area concerning Owls & other birds of prey. Please help us to continue what is also a conservation effort with some species of bird on site.

We, the undersigned, call upon the local townsfolk of Selsey to refrain from the removal of structures on Owls about town property. Including toilet, chicken house, kitchen area, yurt and storage area specifically.

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