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Ten years ago The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) began acting on the written recommendations of a consulting firm to impose exorbitant fees to influence competition.

The consultant report suggested a more than 5,000% fee increase on Off-Site airport parking operators who “might be forced to raise their rates potentially funneling parking revenue to the BNA on-airport parking facilities”.

In the ensuing ten years, MNAA has imposed three fee increases on Off-Site Parking Operators that have increased the annual use fees assessed on those operators by 18,253% from $3,600 to $660,720.

The bill proposed by the Tennessee Alliance For Fair Airport User Fees applies only to Nashville’s airport and would not restrict or set rates that the airport authority may charge; it merely seeks to prevent overt economic discrimination and undue influence on competition by requiring that use fees be applied consistently for similar physical use of facilities and requiring equal access for vendors whose physical use of facilities is the same.

Please support the bill proposed by the Tennessee Alliance for Fair Airport User Fees.

This bill will not restrict or set the rate the airport authority may charge, but simply seeks to make fees for off-site parking vendors FAIR.

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