#Human Rights
Chinese Goverment

Since the 1950's, Tibet has been under control of the Chinese rule and Communism.

China promised to bring fair treatment, however, all what happended in Tibet was a Major Disaster and still ongoing.

Many protesters agansit the Chinese rule have been killed or Injured.

However, Tibet is Recognized by most countries including the US and the United Nations.Meaning they can get independence.

However, most recenltley, the Chinese army have done mayhem on Tibet and plan to do more and "Crush" the Tibetian Independence Army.

If we must, we must declare war, or we must BOTYCOTT anything made by Chinese Companys.And also boycott things such as Chinese food, The 2008 Beijing Olympics, Planned Sport Tortuments in China, Chinese products, and more.

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We the undersigned, would like to persuade China to free Tibet.

Support Tibetan Independence 2008.

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