#Children's Rights
New Hanover County Superintendent
United States of America

Ruling was decided on the basis that Cheerleading was a liability, however, cheerleading is listed number 17 out of 20 for injuries.

Also, the ruling was decided because qualified coaches were hard to find, however, in New Hanover County no sports coaches are required to have certification and yet cheerleading coaches are willing to be certified and take extra training to go above and beyond for cheerleading.

Furthermore, cutting stunts, tumbling and jumps for middle school cheerleading will greatly affect high school cheerleading and limit opportunities for scholarships and college cheerleading placement for our athletes in New Hanover County.

This petition is a request to take a stand for Cheerleading in New Hanover County. The recent ruling to ban stunts, tumbling and jumps for all middle school cheerleaders will greatly affect the kids and coaches who have put in so many hours for the sport they love.

Our high school cheerleading programs will suffer due to the fact that upcoming high schoolers will have no progression training prior to entry. Which, in turn, will affect chances of these athletes being placed on college teams and/or have opportunity for scholarships.

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