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As some of you know, perhaps many not though, Joseph Solomon and I have been fighting a visa battle for him to be allowed a visa to stay in the country as my husband.

He's originally from South Africa and came over with his family almost 10 years ago in October - and from then he would be allowed indefinite leave to remain. He was raised speaking English, educated in English, came over here and has done GCSE's and even has A levels, one of which A Level is a grade B in English Language! He is also working full time and doing an Open University degree in his own time (I have a very clever husband!) On his last application for a visa renewal in January, he mistakenly ticked a box indicating he was from a majority English speaking country. It turns out legally it isn't.

After the home office refused our application, we had to seek legal advice and go to court - all very expensive and even after hearing him speak and seeing him, and seeing us together, the home office were still hell bent on sending him back as he didn't have a specific piece of evidence at the time of the application that proved in their eyes he could speak and understand English. After what was nearly 4 weeks of waiting, the judge informed us that legally he had to side with the home office and we lost our appeal. we were devastated. Our only option left was to have our Barrister make an application to the upper tribunal, but they don't have to hear us.

On Wednesday evening, we just received notification to say they have rejected our application and as such we have no other choice but to send him back to South Africa.

So, not only does it seem that the home office are happy to tear a husband and wife apart for the sake of a statistic, but once Joseph goes back, I am the only one who can get him back in the country as I would have to be his sponsor, but as I don't earn the minimum income threshold of £18,600 per year, I can't apply to get him back until I have a job that pays that much and have been in that job for 6 months. This pretty much leaves me homeless as well as husband-less, as I will have to move out of our house and it looks like it will be for about 12 months that we will be apart.

We have been very touched by the support of our family and friends that do know about all of this and so grateful for the strength we have gained from our beliefs of knowing that God is in everything and it is often through the hard times that we grow the most.

My plea now is for continued prayers for strength in our time of separation, but particularly if anyone knows of any jobs for me to apply for or anyone hiring, anywhere in the country I hasten to add, or any business owners that my want to hire me, please let them know and forward this post to them.

Joesph and I have about three weeks left together so whilst we won't even be able to make it to our first anniversary together, hopefully I will be able to get him back for our second.

Those that have signed below, call upon the Home office and those able to effect the decision to send Joseph Solomon to South Africa, to reconsider.

We request that the evidence Joseph Solomon now has of passing the level B1 English Test -the required evidence needed for the application, be considered. We protest the current decision on the grounds that his removal is grossly unfair and unjust.

We also witness that Joseph is a man that contributes to society in this country. This petition,and those that have signed it, request that Joseph Solomon be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom, in his home, with his wife.

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