#Human Rights
UN, Global Leaders

Secularism is an optimal contribution for the welfare of humans and of the environment. It sustains prudence and science for the conservation and protection of the terrestrial life.

It does not accept the lies of deities, supernatural and life after death, and thus supports a clear understanding of the life and the universe, and of the human responsabilities. It avoids the intelectual and material spill on offerings for some inexistent gods.

All religions could and should become rational associations, engaged in education, science, culture, social assistance. The rational humans must contribute to a democratic secular society that ensures a decent life for everyone on the unique planet Earth.

That is why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has to become secular. And also, we must ensure that we share equitably necessary responsibilities and resources in the Terrian Family.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN and the global leaders to support the secularization of the global society and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The evolution on the scale of knowledge (biology, astronomy, history etc.) can no longer be ignored. It allows us, humans to ameliorate the education, the life, the understanding and solving of the terrestrial problems.

The religious error is a global problem, and the contemporary leaders have a historical opportunity to get the people of the world (including the priests, who are also humans, presently condemned to lies) out of the m-error (myth-error). There are increasingly signs from the medicine and the society concerning the toxicity of the religious dogmas. It is not true that personal beliefs can not endanger the others. Hypocrisy, deceit, fanatism, psychosis, slavery, theft, terrorism are the bad results of the indulgence towards the religious absurdities and the so-called religious "rights".

The optics should be changed as to the approach to the cults. They should be seen as NGOs (presently with false rights) which have to enter in legality by the means of peaceful secularization. The aim is that they secularize themselves (sorting their culture, stopping the frauds determined by the errors in their knowledge, learning, becoming trustful NGOs), with the help of science, democratic institutions, social networking and negotiation. The most important present discrimination coming from the cults is the deceit (misinformation, manipulation of their own believers and of the rest of the world). And we should have zero-tolerance towards this kind of frauds, condemn them and end them by law. This knowledge reform would be beneficial for everyone and the society as a whole. And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the national constitutions, should reflect the needed clear secular rights.

We therefore ask for the transformation of the religious "rights" in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in civical secular rights and the Adoption of an Protocole on Global Secularization, similar to the Kyoto Protocole, because the planet Earth needs healthy knowledge just as much as clean air. We also ask that all humans share equitably necessary responsibilities and resources in the Terrian family.

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