Parents of Secondary-School-Aged Children and Young People.

Positive Mental Attitude Academy is a newly proposed 11 - 18 Free Academy intending to be established in the London Borough of Southwark.

Our Vision is underpinned by a strong educational objective: that is, to become an exemplary and iconic school playing a key role in the journey to reverse current trends of education underachievement. We plan to represent the niche of excellence and high attainment, and to maintain this standard long term by providing every child access to a high quality education in a learning environment where access is open to all and success is the reward!

We will offer an International Curriculum enabling students to gain internationally recognised certificates, and gain employable skills whilst increasing their prospects of employment wherever they may be located around the world. Our curriculum will stretch our students that they remain challenged and stimulated. It will allow our students opportunity to engage in student exchange and cover depth and breadth.

The Academy needs your support in order that it can realise the high expectations and excellence, underpinned by stong discipline and ethos for children and young people.

By signing the petition you confirm that based on our proposed education plan, you would choose our school as a first choice option for September 2013 start.

You note that this is not an official admission, but registration of your interest in our school as a first choice option.

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