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The Pines Mall has gained some new life with the Weiner Development Corporation purchasing the mall on Thursday, December 30, 2011 from General Growth Properties Incorporated. Through this acquisition, the new owners, Weiner Development have already listed a few objectives from their plans for the mall’s future.

This is why the mall’s current patrons and residents of Southeast Arkansas are highly encouraged to support the Weiner Development Corporation in its efforts in reviving the mall. Members of the community have provided their feedback about the mall.

Interstate 530 ends at the Pines Mall, which is an interstate that will soon be connected to Interstate 69 (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_69_in_Arkansas). Interstate 69 is “nicknamed the NAFTA Superhighway because it would help trade with Canada and Mexico spurred by the North American Free Trade Agreement.” (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_69) Just imagine the limitless possibilities to come of the completion of I-69. Southeast Arkansas will garnish a higher influx of travelers and visitors who will need accommodations, gas, shopping, food, entertainment, and etcetera. The Pines Mall would be a trucker’s paradise; it would be a vacationer’s ultimate one-stop shop, and more.

Although the future projected population and number of households are expected to decline, a huge positive indicator that can be seen is that the population and number of households are expected to grow amongst those household incomes that are above $75,000. In further support of this projection, the average household income, the median household income, and the per capita income is projected to rise as the population and households are projected to decline. Source: "GGP the Pines Quick Facts Report" Prepared On 2/3/2009 by Claritas Incorporated

Both estimated median household income grew from $27,247 in 2000 to $30,067 in 2009 and estimated median house or condominium value grew from $50,000 in 2000 to $69,700 in 2009.

We, the undersigned, should show the Weiner Development Corporation that they made the right decision in purchasing the mall. We can do this by signing this petition and doing our best to be the model citizen/consumer. The Pines Mall has the potential to be a thriving mall that caters to an approximate population of 100,000.

With the projection of Southeast Arkansas gaining more households with incomes over $75,000 and the connection corridor between I-69 and I-530, the Pines Malls has nowhere to go but up. The Pines Mall in due time will prosper. For more information, please visit www.WalterWashington.com. Thank you.

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