Middlesex University
United Kingdom

Middlesex University Students' Union in partnership with One World One Stand Students' Society is concerned about Global Warming and that facts about the problems surrounding this are not communicated well enough to students. The University should take a lead in promoting environmental practices on campus to raise awareness amongst students and staff. However this year Middlesex University has failed on its environmental performance by scoring only 17.5 (out of a possible 70 points), and was ranked 116 (out of 126 Universities) in Britain and we want to change this. After consulting students, MUSU are proposing the following:

I, the undersigned call on Middlesex University to:
1) Put recycle bins around all campuses and start recycling as much as possible
2) Allow only double sided printing and photocopying
3) Use more electronic resources instead of books and journals
4) Save electricity by putting in place systems such as lights turning off automatically

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